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Nothing But Trouble

a story contributed by Ann B. Morris

published by Treble Heart Books, 2005

Doug Hunter, thirty year veteran of marital conflict, agreed with the maxim, 'Make Love, Not War'. At the moment, however, he feared an unavoidable battle with one of the residents might be just around the corner.

As President of the Gulf Coast Estates Association, it was his duty to see that Condominium rules were observed, and he was on his way to get this matter about Trouble, the cat in Laura Anderson's charge, cleared up once and for all.

Just a few days ago, he'd left a message on her answering machine informing her that the complaints against Trouble were mounting and something had to be done to remedy the situation. His warning had obviously gone unheeded because for the past three mornings his phone had started ringing before eight o'clock.

First, it was Mrs. Beatman complaining that Trouble was in her herb garden again, followed by Mr. Hick's yelling because the cat was waiting to pounce on the birds he fed every morning. The latest call was from Diana Gideon warning him that if she lost one more pair of panty hose to "that damn cat" she would dispose of all the animal's nine lives at once.

He looked down at the black cat sleeping peacefully in the laundry basket he carried, the red leather collar buried in the dense black fur, the gold name tag inscribed with one word: Trouble, hidden under the cat's fluffy neck. Her owner had aptly named her, he muttered under his breath.
He quickened his pace. The closer he got to Laura Anderson's condo, the faster his heart beat. When he finally reached her door he sucked in a deep breath, set the basket down at his feet, and rang the doorbell.

The moment she opened the door, he knew it was going to be harder to confront Laura Anderson than he'd imagined.


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