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The last book of the Whitcombe Legacy, The Vampire Jonah, has finally been released. As I said on one of the social media platforms, it is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to the last of the brothers. They’ve been a part of my writing life for such a long time that I feel like I’m sending the last of my children out into the world to fend for themselves.

Just as empty-nesters are forced to find other things to fill the void in their lives, I am now jumping full force into revising/rewriting stories that for one reason or another have remained unpublished.

At the top of my as yet unpublished list are three of my favorites stories: UNEARTHED, A SCENT OF CEDAR, and the oldest story in my unpubbed pile, THE BUTTON BOX, a story I finished in 1996. It’s going to be a battle to decide which one I will tackle first.

And of course, I still have a Young Adult story that I began almost a year ago which I had put aside in order to work with the new publisher of the last of the Whitcombe trilogy. Not to mention, there’s at least one story that’s been percolating in my brain for at least the past five years.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Check back in a few weeks or so to find out which choice I made.

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The Vampire Jonah

Jonah Whitcombe enjoys a satisfying life in a remote Washington community. An accomplished musician, Jonah’s lifelong dream is to play the piano at Carnegie Hall. But fate has another thing in store for him...
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The Vampire Jerome

Jerome Whitcombe, second born of the Whitcombe vampire triplets, has embraced his life as a vampire and has no desire to become human again. Without Jerome’s cooperation, the final step in the restoration of his brother Julian’s humanity cannot be completed, and The Whitcombe Legacy will never be fulfilled. Jerome isn’t convinced that’s a bad thing because without vampiric powers he can’t see how they can possibly defeat their enemies.
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The Vampire Julian

According to prophecy, a woman with the power to restore Julian's humanity will enter his life when the need for his transformation is greatest. When Simone LeClerc turns up on his doorstep, he knows she's the woman destined for him. But can he make her love him enough to offer her life for his?
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Still Available ...

A Change of Plans

Cara Lewis’s life is exactly as she wants it--until she meets Zach Sheridan on a plane trip home from Houston. Then, as the old saying goes…the best laid plans…
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The Finer Things in Life

What begins merely as a temporary, contractual agreement eventually helps two people to discover and to appreciate the real meaning of "the finer things in life". < more >

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