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The Vampire Jonah

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The Vampire Jonah

published by ImajinnBooks, 2015

The Vampire Jonah

Jonah Whitcombe enjoys a satisfying life in a remote Washington community. An accomplished musician, Jonah’s lifelong dream is to play the piano at Carnegie Hall. But fate has another thing in store for him...

When the earthquake in San Francisco interrupts Jonah’s blood substitute delivery, his supply is delivered by Angela Martin, the woman destined to be his lifelong mate. But before the two can plan a future together, all hell breaks loose.

Mount St. Helens is about to erupt, Angela is abducted, the vampire leader Zurik has been spotted in the area, and the ritual that will grant the brothers power to rid the world of the evil vampires forever must soon be held in New Orleans. On top of it all, Jonah learns his audition at Carnegie Hall is just days away.

Will Jonah be able to fulfill his family legacy, save the woman he loves, and fulfill his lifelong dream?

Only fate knows for sure...

* * * *


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