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The Unearthed



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The Vampire Jonah


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The Vampire Jerome


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The Vampire Julian

         Inside the dark,airless coffin Julian Whitcombe sensed the woman's presence. His waning strength revived and his heart gave an unexpected pulse. Was this really the one meant for him? He had been disappointed so many times before. Dare he hope now? The sensation of her presence grew stronger.

         And then the words of the Goddess Lilith, timeless as the Goddess herself, whispered to him in the cold darkness...

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A Change of Plans

Cara Lewis’s life is exactly as she wants it. She expects her longtime dream of relocating both home and business to the country to be a reality by the end of the year. Everything is progressing according to plan--until she meets Zach Sheridan on a plane trip home from Houston to New Orleans

A successful businessman, Zach lives in his childhood home in the suburbs with his two young sons. He is happy right where he is. After a disastrous marriage to a woman more interested in her career than her family, a romantic involvement with another business woman isn’t even a remote possibility. Until he boards a plane and his seat mate is Cara Lewis.

Before the plane lands, Cara and Zach make plans for a mutually beneficial business exchange. And then, as the old saying goes…the best laid plans…


The Finer Things in Life

When noted New Orleans anesthesiologist and widower, Sam Stone, and aspiring veterinary student, Emma George, enter into a two-year marriage contract, their goal is simple: keep the lives of his two, young, daughters as stable as possible while he fulfills an obligation to the World Health Organization.

What begins as a temporary contractual agreement between two people of vastly different backgrounds, eventually turns into a mutual discovery that will last forever--the true meaning of the finer things in life.

*Winner of the Golden Wings Award

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Voodoo Nights

When she arrives in New Orleans to arrange for her murdered aunt's funeral, Selena Castillo doesn't expect to be met at the airport by ruggedly handsome Special Agent Vic Lambruzzi who wants to pose as her husband, stay with her in the apartment next to where the murder was committed, and lay a trap to catch her aunt's killer.

When he's assigned to the case of a murdered shopkeeper whose death is linked to a snuff porn ring in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Special Agent Vic Lambruzzi doesn't expect to share quarters with a woman who makes his days-and nights-sizzle like a New Orleans sidewalk in summer.

Candles, magic potions, and secret rituals. Is Voodoo at the center of the murder, or does its real power lie in the union of two hearts destined to find each other?




The Trouble with Romance (An Anthology of romantic fiction by The Grande Dames)

Trouble is everywhere! From Louisiana to New Mexico and Texas, from Iowa to the Rockies--Colorado,Montana, Idaho--then Washington and Nevada.

Trouble, the black cat, a traveling ambassador of romance, shows lonely hearts that love is just around the corner, or found in a new location, or even at a blackjack table. Love can be accompanied by a wandering dog, or discovered at a Christmas bazaar or during a trip into the past. Getting lost can bring love, so can a fire--even the police sometimes arrive with it.

Trouble becomes the catalyst whenever she encounters those who need a second chance at love. And when Trouble gets into trouble of her own, the results surprise everyone into happy-ever-after.

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