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Voodoo Nights

Available from Champagne Books
ISBN: 0973762780
December 2005


     Isobel Castillo's fingers trembled as she rewrapped the video tape that was part of the day's mail. Turning the package over in shaky hands, she glanced at the clock over the front door she'd closed and locked fifteen minutes earlier and made an immediate decision. Her contact for the past few weeks had just called to inform her he would be delayed at least thirty minutes, compliments of an unexpected flat tire.

     "Put the tape in a safe place," he'd stressed before he disconnected. "I'll be there as fast as possible."

     There were many places right there in the office she could choose as a holding place until their meeting-the wall safe for one--but for some strange reason she felt vulnerable this night, like a fish in a bowl with all those storefront glass windows that attracted the curious like lures.

     Since they'd agreed to meet in the apartment upstairs anyway, it seemed only logical that she should go up and safely store the package there. She would still have ample time left to come down to the office again and finish sorting the mail before she went back up for the meeting.

     Barely five minutes after she'd returned to the office, she heard the unmistakable squeak of the rusted hinge on the storeroom door. She whirled around, her heart pounding wildly, her hand groping frantically behind her for the iron pull on the middle drawer of her desk. Before she could reach inside for a weapon her assailant stepped deep into the small room.

     He was dressed entirely in black, a bulky winter coat dwarfing his frame in an attempt to conceal his identity. He could have saved himself the trouble. Even with the distorted physique and the dark stocking pulled over his face she knew who he was. If she could just keep him offguard until she found-

     But he was too fast for her. The gun he pressed against her heart went off only seconds before he slipped the knife from his pocket. Isobel Castillo's lifeless form slid silently to the floor.

     Bending down, her attacker made a swift slash across her throat. Righting himself, he protected his fingers with a handkerchief from his pocket, lifted a large unopened manila envelope from the desk by one corner and laid it face down on the floor next to the body.

     Then, using the handkerchief as before, he lifted a slim ballpoint pen from a holder on the desk, carefully chose a clean spot to kneel, and dipped the pen in the widening pool of blood. The symbol he drew on the envelope would have meaning only to those who understood the ritual of sacrifice. After wiping the pen clean, he stood and replaced it carefully in its holder.

     Ten minutes later, after an exhaustive search of the office, he left by the same back door he'd entered, empty-handed and blind with rage. When he stepped out on the sidewalk from the narrow alley on the side farthest away from the building next door, his villainous costume hidden in an unmarked bag, another man was entering the iron gate on his way to Isobel Castillo's Bourbon Street apartment.

Neither man saw the other come or go.

Reviewer: Maura Frankman

Voodoo Nights is a spine-tingling suspense novel... The author is a master of romantic tension, and the suspense aspects will keep the reader on the edge of her seat...

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Reviewer: Linda

Voodoo Nights is a book that you don’t want to miss. It is filled with tight writing, great dialogue between the characters, and suspense that keeps you spellbound... Ms. Morris’ impressive writing allows her readers to experience the ambience of New Orleans and feel the intense passion that is felt between the characters.

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Reviewer: Wateena

Set in beautiful New Orleans, this romantic suspense is vividly described with detailed creativity of someone born there. The characters are well defined with plenty of depth and history....The sexual tension between Victor and

Selena is electric and the sex scenes lightening. For those who love suspense with their romance, you do not want to miss this one.

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